Today in the city Carey 26.04.2018
The Simple Skin-Care Regimen Everyone Should Follow

For many of us, our extensive skin-care regimens are established out of need. Whether it's acne or rosacea, eczema or premature signs of aging, most of our routines are built specifically to fend off...

Mariah Carey owned the 'if you can't handle me at my worst meme' and y'all can go home

Silence please! Mariah has spoken.  And this time, she's weighed in on the current most popular meme on the internet. And, she absolutely slayed every other version of the meme.  SEE ALSO: K...

Steve Kerr Says He Chose His Words Poorly When Saying Warriors Didn't Care

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr told reporters he used the wrong phrasing when he said his team didn't care after a loss to the Indiana Pacers last week. "My main message is we've go...

Are You Ready To Move On To Your Next Career?

How Mike Spiegel knew he was ready to take on a second career after a successful 35-year run as a football coach.

Career Change And Impostor Syndrome -- How To Increase Your Confidence When Changing Careers

If career change doesn’t feel like taking a step back, then you’re probably overestimating yourself! That said, you are not an impostor but a beginner.

Carlos Correa Rumors: Star Least Likely Among Astros Core to Sign New Contract

Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa was a huge factor in the team's 2017 World Series title and is a huge part of the organization's future...

#NPRpoetry: Jessica Care Moore Picks Her Favorite Twitter Listener Submissions

Weekend All Things Considered marks poetry month with Detroit poet jessica Care moore. She tells Michel Martin which mini poems on #NPRpoetry caught her eye.

Which Temp Jobs Give The Best Prospects For A Full-Time Career? Five Ways To Evaluate Your Upside

Even if the particular temp job doesn’t convert to a full-time job at that same company, it may develop your skills or otherwise improve your foundation for a full-time career. In this increasingly gi...

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